Welcome to EuroTeleSites

EuroTeleSites provides first class wholesale services for a wide range of customers. The company is dedicated to meet the increasing demand for high quality infrastructure solutions and provides a sound basis for a future large scale 5G development.

A1 TOWERS DOOEL Skopje is part of the EuroTeleSites Group, which operates in 6 European countries.

Strong presence

EuroTeleSites is providing solutions and services to deploy and support wireless networks with national site development teams, who can quickly and cost effectively build one or many new sites.

EuroTeleSites is dedicated to continue its development in a sustainable way, embedding environmental and social values in its daily activities as key drivers for long-term success.

Leading infrastructure portfolio

EuroTeleSites has one of the most advanced tower infrastructure portfolios in Macedonia, which provides numerous opportunities for our partners to develop and expand their networks.

EuroTeleSites provides solutions and services to build and maintain telecommunication networks. Our best-in-class experts and our client driven approach offer unparalleled customer journey to all current and potential partners who seek quick and cost-effective solutions for expansion of their networks.

What we offer:

– Strategically positioned towers and rooftops in most attractive locations

– Teams of dedicated local experts to advice and guide our partners along every step: planning and design, leasing, permitting, overall management and maintenance

– Simplified colocation processes

– Out of the box, as well as tailored solutions for quick and efficient deployments for any project, regardless of scale, size and type


EuroTeleSites owns and operates cutting edge tower infrastructure, which is strategically developed to provide maximum coverage in the most efficient manner, both in urban and rural areas. This enables A1 Towers to provide attractive colocation services on its infrastructure to other mobile operators, IoT providers and governmental institutions, allowing them to install their active equipment there.

EuroTeleSites can ensure a high level of quality, availability and reliability, due to the available monitoring and control systems in place (access, power supply, alarm detection, security, air-conditioning, etc.).

Built to suit tower and rooftop solutions

EuroTeleSites offers its customers tailor-made tower and rooftop solutions as part of its portfolio. As part of this service, we master all the challenges associated with the acquisition, planning and construction of locations for our customers and offer them a central point of contact. We will provide our clients with multiple site candidates for a specific search area so that our clients can choose which one is best for their needs. For all site candidates we provide a location data package with details of approved candidate locations including owner information, utilities, zoning and approval information, preliminary site assessments, and photos.


Ploshtad Presveta Bogorodica 1, 1000 Skopje
E-mail: contactMKD@eurotelesites.com